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I always know where the car is This is a smart little device. It does what it supposed to do. However, the time it takes to actualize is a little slower. Some times the location is not as accurate as it should. It needs a some tuning up but overall a good product. Once you place it where you want The magnets are super strong. Once you place it where you want it you do not have to worry about it falling off.

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The closure on the unit is very strong also. I put the tracker in my cordless screw gun bag with charger and extra battery along with the screw gun. After someone broke into my job trailer and stole my tools, they also tool the toolbag with the tracker in it. The police were able to track down the theif. Only 7 left in stock - order soon. Fantastic product for the price, all you need is a gsm SIM card which support 2G network. Well worth the money. I have this product tucked away in my car just in case.

I have set up a geo fence. Would buy again! Currently unavailable. As advertised. Product worked perfectly out of the box. Only issue I had was actually trying to figure out how to turn the unit off after charging then back on. Figured out you had to depress the button on top fully for at least a second or two until you see the lights come on then it begins the boot up process. After that, simply find a place to put it and you're ready to go.

Wish the battery inside the unit lasted longer though, even with tracking set to once every 60 seconds, it only lasted 14 days. As advertised but a more powerful battery or an external battery pack without the weather proof box would be nice. You can often pay less overall if you buy more months of service at a time as opposed to buying month-to-month.

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Some GPS trackers do come with some service included, which is a great deal. How It Works GPS trackers work using cell phone, satellite and Wi-Fi signals and the best ones will show you in real time where the tracker is on your desktop and smart phone. Bluetooth trackers like the Tile Mate work by sending a signal between the tracker and your phone or computer, so the range is going to be much shorter. Some GPS trackers can even use different Wi-Fi signals within a large building to triangulate what room someone is in.

If you live somewhere with poor cellphone reception, your GPS tracker reception will also most likely be poor. They can help you keep track of your products, property and staff, all from the comfort of your phone or computer screen. There are a variety of trackers available to suit your business needs. We suggest picking a company that allows you to use as many trackers as possible at once.

For example, the BrickHouse tracker we tested shows you where several trackers are at one time.

Many companies, including BrickHouse Security, also make trackers specifically for vehicles. These trackers let you know where your employees are, and you'll get an alert if the devices are uninstalled. The trackers tell you not only the vehicles' locations but also the speed at which the cars are traveling.

However, our research indicates that these trackers are a little more difficult to install than regular GPS trackers. Trackers can also be useful for keeping an eye on valuable company assets or for making sure your employees have reached their destinations. Tracking Your Child Using a GPS tracker with your child can put your mind at ease, but there are several things you should keep in mind.

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Just remember a GPS tracker is no substitute for good parenting. We encourage you to talk to your children about safety, avoiding strangers and when to dial Jump To:. Best Overall Veriot Venture The Veriot Venture is a sleek, easy to use and accurate GPS tracker that would work well in almost any situation where you need to keep an eye on something important. Frequent harsh acceleration can be dangerous for the driver and other road users.

At speed reaction times are drastically reduced, giving both the driver and other road users less time to react. Harsh acceleration also puts extra pressure on your vehicles critical components and costs you more money in fuel. Minimising these events can improve the safety of your vehicle and the driver at the wheel.

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Dangerous driving increases the risks of collisions and increases the risk of potential breakdowns. Low-Battery Alert. Your battery is monitored prompting a alert when getting low. Nowadays, vehicles are drawing power even when parked, especially if it has on-board computers with sophisticated memory settings and sensors. When the battery is getting low, our Viper App will send you a low-battery alert, giving you the opportunity to take corrective action.

No more surprises when you next go to start your vehicle.

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In fact, getting into a frozen or overheated car can be downright painful. With remote start, you can start your car from the comfort of your home to make sure it is the right temperature before you get inside.

Remote Start. Tired of fumbling for keys? Family member locked out of your vehicle? Lock and Unlock Your Car. You've put a lot of work into acquiring your car and you don't want someone to take it. How to protect your ride? This feature protects against towing and theft. Now you can enjoy a greater peace of mind. Lockdown Feature. Powered by High Performance Hardware.

Flexible Annual Subscription Packages. Features available via the App :. Features available via the web portal :. Includes all Secure GPS features. Vehicle Speed Alert Receive an alert each time vehicle exceeds set speed limit. Harsh Acceleration Alert Based on sudden acceleration. Creation of virtual Geofence Boundaries m through to 20km in radius 4 in total.

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Vehicle Lockdown Alert Monitors change to ignition status. Lockdown Feature Alerts generated during specified days and times. Find the nearest store to you.